Assemblymember Ira Ruskin


Senator Joe Simitian,
Hon. Otto Lee, Hon. Paul Fong


County Supervisor Liz Kniss
and Pearl

Former Assemblymember Lieber and family


Santa Clara City Council member Jamie McLeod


Hsing Kung and Pearl



















Pearl's Endorsements

Elected State Officials:

  • State Senator Joe Simitian
  • Assemblymember Paul Fong
  • Assemblymember Ira Ruskin
  • Former Assemblymember Sally Lieber
  • Former Assemblymember Wilma Chan
  • Former State Senator John Vasconcellos
  • County Supervisor President Liz Kniss
  • Former County Supervisor Blanca Alvarado

Elected City Officials: 

  • Margaret Abe-Koga, Mayor, Mountain View
  • Ronit Bryant, Mountain View City Council
  • Mike Kasperzak, Mountain View City Council
  • Orrin Mahoney, Mayor, Cupertino
  • Gilbert Wong, Cupertino City Council
  • Dolly Sandoval, Cupertino City Council
  • Michael Chang, former Cupertino Mayor
  • Dean Chu, Sunnyvale City Council
  • John Howe, Sunnyvale City Council
  • Chris Moylan, Sunnyvale City Council
  • Jamie McLeod, Santa Clara City Council
  • Aldyth Parle, former Santa Clara City Council
  • Madison Nguyen, San Jose City Council
  • Nancy Pyle, San Jose City Council
  • Ash Kalra, San Jose City Council
  • Evan Low, Campbell City Council
  • Aileen Kao, former Saratoga Mayor

 FDHA Trustees: 

  • Betsy Bechtel
  • Hal Plotkin
  • Bruce Swenson
  • Laura Casas-Frier

  • Jay Jackman, former FHDA Trustee
  • Patrick Ahrens, former FHDA Student Trustee

 School Board Trustees: 

  • Josephine (Jo) Lucey, Cupertino Union
  • Ben Liao, Cupertino Union
  • Gary McCue, Cupertino Union
  • Phyllis Vogel, Cupertino Union
  • George Tyson, former Cupertino Union
  • Debbie Byron, former Cupertino Union
  • Emily Lee Kelley, former Cupertino Union
  • Roberta Pabst, former Cupertino Union
  • Barbara Nunes, Fremont Union High School District
  • Nancy Newton, Fremont Union High School District
  • Hung Wei, Fremont Union High School District
  • Bill Wilson, Fremont Union High School District
  • Dana Tom, Palo Alto Unified
  • Barb Mitchell, Palo Alto Unified
  • Cathy Kroyman, former Palo Alto Unified
  • Judy Hannemann, Mountain View-Los Altos High School District
  • Julia Rosenberg, Mountain View-Los Altos High School District
  • Susan Sweeley, Mountain View-Los Altos High School District
  • Fiona Walters, Mountain View-Whisman
  • Ellen Wheeler, Mountain View-Whisman
  • Gloria Higgins, former Mountain View-Whisman
  • Rose Fillicetti, former Mountain View-Whisman
  • Margot Harrigan, Los Altos Elementary
  • Teresa O'Neill, former Santa Clara Unified
  • Nancy Newkirk, Sunnyvale School District
  • Pam Foley, San Jose Unified
  • Veronica Lewis, San Jose Unified
  • Buu Thai, Franklin-McKinley School District
  • Jeremy Nishihara, Oak Grove School District
  • Frank Biehl, Eastside Union High School District
  • Kathleen Sullivan, Morgan Hill School District


  • Chuck Weis, Supt., County Office of Education
  • Phil Quon, Supt., Cupertino Union School District
  • Barry Groves, Supt., Los Altos-Mountain View High School District
  • Polly Bove, Supt., Fremont Union High School District
  • Kate Jamentz, Deputy Supt, Fremont Union High School District
  • Don Iglesias, Supt., San Jose Unified
  • Bill Erlendson, Asst Supt., San Jose Unified
  • John Porter, Supt., Franklin-McKinley
  • Joe Hamilton, Former Supt. (retired), Fremont Union High School District
  • Herb Wadley, Former Supt., Berryessa School District

Community Members:

  • Bob Adams
  • Don Allen
  • Debra Babcock
  • Harvey Barnett
  • Lou Beaudet
  • Mark Browne
  • Dana Bunnett
  • Ann Campbell
  • Justin Carvalho
  • Angela Chen
  • Tina Cheng
  • Steve Chessin
  • Dave and Carolyn Chin
  • Peter Chiu
  • Tom Cochran
  • Tamara and Steven Colby
  • Drina Collins
  • Ken Conca
  • Alison Coy
  • Peter Ellis
  • Don Fox
  • Carol Garvey
  • Kim Gaskill
  • Dick Greif
  • Dan Hoffmann
  • Michele Hu
  • Barbara Illowsky
  • Alex Kobayashi
  • Hsing Kung
  • Marcy Lauck
  • Frank and Kathy Leong
  • Susan Levy
  • Jenny Liu
  • Clarence Madrilejos
  • Nancy Mar
  • Ben Menor
  • Julie McDonald
  • Tina Minell
  • Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto
  • Dan and Shirley Mock
  • Claire Omura
  • Maria-Elena Riddle
  • Noelani Sallings
  • William and Michele Shieh
  • Patrick Soricone
  • Darryl and Dorothy Stow
  • Lee Sturtevant
  • Steve Ting
  • Todd Tressler
  • Vicki Tsai
  • Jim and Linda Walker
  • Jerry Wang and Diana Dong
  • Paul and Barbara Weiss
  • Clark Williams
  • Judy Wilson
  • Jones Wong
  • John and Teresa Wu
  • Jack and Suzanne Yang
  • Merrianne Young

(partial list)
(titles listed for identification purposes only)

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